Australia, 16th June is glad to announce the new and improved version of its online plagiarism checker. With revamped script codes and access to multiple databases, the plagiarism checker is one of the most accurate content checker tools on the web.

The online plagiarism checker uses advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to scan a submitted text and compare it with scores of references. The tool retrieves information from billions of web pages and millions of articles from both private & open source databases, which increases the probability of detecting plagiarism to the maximum.
Unique features of our plagiarism checker utility
1. Some of the most advanced information processing techniques run in the background and deliver results in an instant.
2. Text classification, topic modelling, word frequency detection, pattern matching are some powerful methods employed to compare texts.
3. The advanced checker is capable of checking plagiarism in all of its forms such as:
• Copy-paste or clone plagiarism
• Paraphrasing plagiarism
• Metaphor plagiarism
• Idea plagiarism
• Self-recycle plagiarism
• Illegitimate source plagiarism
• Re-tweet plagiarism
The tool highlights duplicity in the content and lists the sources alongside.
4. The advanced plagiarism checker has an extremely simple interface, where you can either paste the wall of text or attach a file and check it.

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