From time to time, many couples deal with obstacles in their marriage. Some couples tackle those issues head on.
If you and your spouse are dealing with issues, look for amarriage counselor in Atwater Village.All issues are important and deserve to be discovered and addressed. At LA Therapy & Associates, we are committed to helping you and your family get rid of stressful experience. We want to help individuals, couples, and families reach their full potential as humans. We are passionate about providing that kind of care and support.
Our professionals work by helping you reconstruct your relationships from the bottom up, built on a foundation of communication. We strive to offer psychotherapy services for families and couples who desire a new way of living life.
Communication suffers when certain problems arise. It can happen in a number of ways. Counseling can help. Talking with a relationship counselor in Atwater Village is flexible. We are available by phone, text, social media, and in-person. Couples can seek counseling before a marriage, during a marriage, or even after a marriage if needed for the sake of co-parenting. The best counselors can address little problems that have become heavy on the relationship such as chores, parenting, work, finances, and more. Counseling can be a safe place for conversations to develop.
LA Therapy and Associates specifically works with all types of couples: non-married, pre-marital, marital, etc. We will work on restructuring your relationship so that it is built around the pillars of love, trust, communication, and respect. We are here to help.
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