Les Roches, a world leader in hospitality education has joined hands with RAHI (Rise Against Hunger India), a leading NGO that is working towards hunger eradication, with currently an increased focus on providing meals to Covid-19 impacted communities, to provide 35,000 meals to the migrant groups of Mumbai that are suffering due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

Les Roches has always worked towards creating the future of hospitality in India. They have not only donated through their alumni in the past but have also provided scholarships to merited Indian students and helped them in building their future. It has programs that span campuses around the globe and offers unique opportunities for entrepreneurial personalities to develop.

On its donation, Adrian Artimov, Director Enrolment and Marketing, Les Roches said “We are extremely gratuitous towards RAHI for allowing us to partner with them in this noble initiative of giving back to the people in need in these unprecedented times. Les Roches relationship with India goes beyond hospitality and we felt now is the correct time to support the nation that has provided us with some of the greatest alumni in the past and continues to support Les Roches till today.”

Mr. Dola Mohapatra, Executive Director, Rise Against Hunger India said “We thank Les Roches for supporting us in providing 35,000 meals to the migrant groups in Mumbai, who have been majorly impacted by Covid-19. We hope that more private institutions such as Les Roches would come forward and help eliminate hunger in these migrant groups and work with us in this noble cause.”

By far, RAHI has distributed 1.86 million meals to 400,000 people in 35 districts of 8 states.

About Les Roches

Founded in 1954, Les Roches is a private institution based on the Swiss model of experiential learning, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of hospitality, tourism and event management. Les Roches prepares entrepreneurial and innovative graduates across a global network of campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China.

Part of Sommet Education, Les Roches is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). Les Roches is ranked number three of the world’s top institutions for hospitality and leisure management and number two worldwide for employer reputation (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020).

Please visit: www.lesroches.edu Follow Les Roches https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/vg04pCMLLBzUbA5WNPABC8ZP5Hz2CG6GZXQaSaBw_sL8FbCPGnCwF390n7zqNGmsDStNKHlN2sTo1BXWoenp-xtRAR7qsRDo6J9rypW3sN9V2LkhcApGXVK47rNgbB2b_1j5AgDw-PN4Jgdyhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/RnWOrvyqeo2itK_xK4LsMMn__vL4KSNmWQ2u4AzhtTdFCrpXEVt-fe62Ylp99A4DDI3CaZvj6nTsNicko1RGO-rv31EDf0x4aflsxmaCe0aLPylkBOAbHXdUTa0kRZQA0MxwUxVA_GPevTvDhttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-JlB7y5S8tCx8_617nuo8btx017K0CqSRct2eCPY8A-ZA6VmetmhTlFjdO2tnb0R8v4r3A3gq7C07rz6EFnXLUsM8dsNZ0azHCu8cskV9jBva56jdjo5KTUKmww2Nlzjhnoe0IoK6fHUAwGUhttps://lh5.googleusercontent.com/SNo8BXufdxKCL3o6oBqcHFPhz2X6I7gYULUvWq-8lts5xqIk3M1wCE9DeBpP__-vFZRym4x3w52r-3F7JVGI30Sbc0_SZBDx2ykfbqRPVEmCGkbvgZqfcwT4OZ9s7p5MywnJvzqR511lJver

About Rise Against Hunger India (RAHI):

Rise Against Hunger, an international hunger relief organization, aims to show the world that it is, in fact, possible to end hunger by the year 2030. In 2014, RAH India was created as an independent entity in India, formally registered as ‘Stop Hunger Now India’ but later changed to Rise Against Hunger India in 2017. Headquartered in Bangalore, RAH India program began in 2015 due to increased interest and support by corporate partners to involve in the meal packaging program. RAHI is committed to nourishing lives, providing emergency aid, empowering communities, and growing the hunger movement. From floods to droughts, RAHI has been actively responding to emergencies. The team actively works towards bolstering agricultural production and income through various agricultural methods, business skills, and market access.