One of the questions that victims of traffic accidents ask us most often when they contact us for the first time is: Is it better to go to the insurance lawyer or hire a private Motorcycle Accident Attorney Orange County?

In this post, we will try to explain everything.

Who chooses the lawyer who will defend your interests?

The insurance lawyer will be imposed by your company, you will not be able to choose it. On the other hand, if you decide to hire a private Best Personal Injury Attorney Orange County, you can logically choose the one that has provided the most professionalism and confidence among the many existing on the market.

This choice is the most important because the teamwork between the client and the lawyer will depend on the final result and that both parties will benefit.

Working volume:

The lawyers of the insurance companies in exchange for a very high volume of work have agreed very cheap prices, they charge very little to carry each case.

Charging what they charge from companies to lawyers is uneconomical to take each case in detail. This implies that the company attorneys hardly deal with the victims and it is impossible for them to dedicate adequate time to each matter. And in practice, this leads to inaccuracies and errors that can affect the final result and the compensation obtained.

In the case of private attorneys, often the amount of his charges depends on the final result. This fact allows them to dedicate more time to each injured person and to have a totally real interest in obtaining the maximum compensation.

It is advisable to make a consultation with a private lawyer specializing in traffic accidents.

Traffic accident specialists:

The most common is that the insurance company’s lawyer has extensive experience in traffic accidents. If you decide to hire a private Bike Accidents Lawyers Orange County, CA, it is very important that you ensure your specialization as it is a matter in constant evolution and with many changes in recent legislation.

In other words, if you choose to hire a private attorney, choose one specialized in traffic accidents and do not hire from another field.

You should know that most private attorneys who process claims work on commission, they charge a percentage of the compensation that is obtained.

In this way, the lawyer will always fight for the maximum compensation since his fees will depend on it.