Fahreza Okasahisnu is the man behind the famous Instagram filters that have been used by many Instagram users, including Celebgram and Celebrities in Indonesia.

Many 21-year-old persons will spend a lot of time hanging out and playing with friends. But not with Fahreza Okasahisnu, a student in UPN “Veteran” (the University of National Development of Yogyakarta). He has created more than 90 Instagram filters. His filters are popular among celebrities and selebgram in Indonesia as well as overseas. Instagram filters are a quick way to enhance photos before posting on Instagram. Instagram filters are an opportunity to express yourself. It is able to create photos that your followers will love and take your Instagram to the next level.

Fahreza was shocked because it suddenly went viral, and many have followed him until now. Actually, Fahreza was just a fad to create filters, but he doesn’t know why he missed making a filter up to 91. Currently, there are many Instagram users and even celebrities who use Instagram filters to enhance their videos and content. Fahreza was glad that many of them also used his filters. He is happy because people like his creation, and he promises to keep on producing new filters in the future.

For Fahreza, creativity is unlimited. Therefore, he has made many filters for IG, such as game, colors, typography, and many more. Currently, he has gained more and more followers on his Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/fahrezaos/?hl=en. Fahreza’s Instagram has gained more than 114k followers. With his digital coding ability, he also receives a tailored Instagram filter for your branding purpose and advertising. That custom Instagram filter can be purchased at @filternya.id.

In the future, he wants to make more new filters for his followers.

About Fahreza Okasahisnu

Fahreza Okasahisnu is a digital creator from Indonesia. Fahreza was born in Mertoyudan, Magelang, Indonesia, 21 years ago. Since high school, he has received many awards in his town Magelang and province. He specializes in creating Instagram filters. In his career, he has worked with many Indonesian selebgram and celebrities, such as Arief Muhammad, Reza Arap Oktovian, and many influencers on social media. His filters have also been used by many celebrities such as Rafi Ahmad, Atta Halilintar, Pevita Pearce, and many others. For more information about Fahreza Okasahisnu, please visit his official page at www.fahrezaokasahisnu.com.