The nation’s largest employers are turning to thermometers as a new line of defence against the Coronavirus. At different facilities i.e. private organisations or Public sector companies hundreds of thousands of employees will get their temperature when they report to work. Others are distributing thermometers to check for fever at home.

The coffee house StarBucks is sending thermometers to stores to allow employees to do voluntary self-monitoring. And grocery delivery companies are distributing a health and safety kit to its contract workers, including a reusable cloth face mask, hand sanitizer and thermometer.

Mr. Jagdeep Khattar MD Health-N-Jig said “So, as the lockdown has eased out and people once again join their offices and workplace etc the first utmost thing that is required is a THERMOMETER. Health-N-JIG, one of the few Indian companies manufacturing Infrared thermometers has launched Forehead Non-Contact InfraRed Thermometer under MAKE IN INDIA.

The measurements can be taken from a distance for hot surfaces and objects or for food service purposes where items should not be touched or contaminated. It also has the availability of Memory and advanced measurement, which is very compact, lightweight and easy to use. The thermometer can be of multifunctional use at public places, Medicare, Offices and call centres, Malls, Passenger transport hubs and many other places. “Adds Mr. Khattar .

The company Health-N-Jig is also in process of making the thermometer of one of its kind with various USP’S and specifications such as its self calibration mode, Android application for data logging , compatible to all type of Thermopile sensor ( Analog & Digital ) and a host of other features which should be out in the market by June 2020 end.