If you’ve been working with WordPress for a while, there’s a chance you might have more than a few sites running. If your sites have a few things in common, you might wonder: is there a more efficient way to run them than managing them as single installs?

WordPress Multisite could be what you’re looking for. It lets you create a network on your WordPress installation, meaning that you can then run as many sites as you want in that network, all on one instance of WordPress.

What Is WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite is a way of adding multiple sites to your WordPress installation. It’s a feature that you can add to either your existing or newly-created WordPress site. To activate WordPress Multisite, you add a few lines of code to a couple of files in your WordPress installation (which I’ll show you shortly). Then you create sites in your network. The existing site stays there, with its URL unchanged, while the new sites are added on top.

WordPress Installation vs WordPress Multisite (Key Differences):
The number of individual sites.

The user roles — activating Multisite adds the network admin role.
Access to themes and plugins — only the network admin can install them.

The admin screens — Multisite adds some screens for managing the network.

The way media is stored — Multisite adds extra folders for uploads to each site.

The way data is stored — Multisite creates extra database tables for each site but stores some data (e.g. users) for the whole network.

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