Windows dedicated server is so named when they are used exclusively by a user or company. Such as the machines, licenses, etc., belong to the hosting company that offers the hosting service that also assumes the management of these servers and guarantees their uninterrupted operation.

When choosing a dedicated server such as KVM VPS, it is very important to know which characteristics are the most important. These will depend on the requirements and needs of the page or Web pages that you wish to host.

A cheap dedicated server is used only by a user or company to exclusively host their web pages or applications.

The following are some of the most important characteristics to consider before hiring a dedicated server:

– Operating system: Depending on the needs of the websites that you intend to host, you will have to choose between Linux or Windows-based systems.

– Ram and processor memory: Factors such as the speed with which the Web will be displayed or the number of simultaneous visits it may have to depend on the processing capacity and memory.

– Hard disk: The capacity of the hard disk will be the one that allows storing more or less information. Keep in mind that not only do files on Web sites take up space but also email accounts and databases need storage capacity.

– Traffic: Refers to the amount of traffic that is transferred both inbound and outbound. For this type of service, the traffic is usually from hundreds of Gigabytes to unlimited.

– Infrastructure: An optimized network infrastructure with a 1Gbps connection will allow you to receive a large number of visits without losing speed. Also, it is important to have several connectivity providers so that in case one fails, have an alternative.

Here are the advantages of a cheap dedicated server India:

Advantages of dedicated servers:

– Exclusivity: The client ensures that all the contracted capacity is dedicated exclusively to their Web application and that the failures of other clients will not affect the availability or speed of their website.

– Full access: In this case, you will have full access to the server, being able to make the necessary configurations so that the hosted web pages work correctly.

– Installation of own applications: Having the server in India exclusively, you can install your applications or others that require special configurations. There will be no problem adapting the system for proper operation.