The Young Entrepreneurs Club of is pleased to announce the availability of free business support services for small business owners, while the Club seeks to highlight the impact of small businesses on local economies as the world marks another World Refugee Day. The Young Entrepreneurs Club’s business support services feature free business analysis, free assessment of current strategy, and expert recommendations on the next profitable steps to take. The Young Entrepreneurs Club also offers an exclusive opportunity for businesses to increase their exposure and broaden their customer base with no upfront financial investment.

“We are honoured to serve more small businesses,” said Engr. Winston C. Ikekeonwu, director of the Young Entrepreneurs Club. “With small businesses being the world’s largest employers of labour, the Young Entrepreneurs Club support program is a great way to celebrate the many families that small businesses serve.”

With statistics from the United Nations estimating there are over 70 million refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people worldwide, the AlignAcademy Young Entrepreneurs Club recommends more proactive steps to stop the increase in displaced families.

“How many refugees do we have today? 70 million? Do you think that just happened?” asked Engr. Ikekeonwu. “The answer is no. There are specific root causes that lead to more families getting displaced daily. And we shouldn’t just sit around complaining: we can take definite steps to help keep more families together.”

The Young Entrepreneurs Club director continued: “Sure, violence obviously pushes more families away from their homeland, but until the not-so-obvious economic factors behind the violence are addressed, tackling the refugee problem may not yield the desired results”.

“To avoid violence and unrest, more business owners need to understand that they are crucial in the success of local economies and the unity of families” said Ikekeonwu. “That’s what makes the success of small businesses vital. When more local economies function in successful WIN-WIN relationships, we will greatly reduce needless conflicts and keep more families together”.

Business owners who are interested in finding out the free support they are eligible for in AlignAcademy’s Young Entrepreneurs Club should contact Engr Winston C Ikekeonwu at

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