Below, we highlight the main reasons for choosing a power chair, both in neighboring communities and in private homes.

Advantages of stairlifts:

1. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors:

A fundamental advantage is that these chairs for the elderly can be installed both inside the home and outside buildings or communities. There are devices prepared for exposure to rain or sun if they are installed outdoors and have to withstand inclement weather.

An elevator cannot be installed inside a home, except in a few cases, it is very unusual. However, stairlifts can be installed in practically any home with stairs since they are installed on the same up/down the wall, existing by definition on all staircases in homes.

2. Greater use of space:

The seats of the stairlift chairs are foldable, folding towards the wall, which allows them to take up little space. They are devices that take up little space.

3. Autonomy:

Stairlifts allow comfortable and free movement for people with reduced mobility either inside a home or to access the outside of the building.

4. Maximum Security:

They have a harness or belt for upward or discontent transfers of the person, so its use is completely safe and adjustable chair for elderly.

Also, current models incorporate all kinds of security measures, such as obstacle detection. It is an innovative system that can detect if there is any type of obstacle in the guide that follows the route and if so, the chair stops automatically.

Thus, these facilities provide extra security for the elderly, who avoid climbing up and down the stairs dangerously. This greatly minimizes the risk of falling.

5. Wide range for all types of stairs:

The wide range of stairlifts allows their installation on any staircase, whether curved, with turns, with landings, etc. There is the perfect model that will adapt according to shape and inclination.

6. They will continue to work, even if there is a power outage:

In this electric recliner chairs, it is a battery system incorporated in the stairlift. So, it will prevent it from stopping or stopping in the event of a power outage. If a power outage occurs, the person will never stand in the middle of the flight of stairs and can continue moving without any problem.

More peace of mind for family members:

After knowing the advantages and seeing how important it can be for someone whose mobility has been reduced to maintain their autonomy, it is clear that the installation of this type of system is the best solution.