NIHC Group services the Individual Provider, Provider Groups, Multiple Discipline Practices, Practice Management Companies, Billing Centers, Health Plans, Home Health Agencies, Surgical Centers and Hospitals. We have experience in over twenty five disciplines and specialties, with the knowledge to service Providers on a national basis.


Applications and Initial Credentialing
– We can utilize your CAQH ProView database, thus requiring less time and effort on your part
– Upon receipt of all required documents from your office we can immediately begin primary source verifications
– Let us take the frustration away from your staff!

– Simply notify us with ANY plan request for re-credentialing
– We do the rest!

Appointment and Reappointment
– NIHC Group can assist all Providers with complete Hospital Appointments and Reappointments
– We allow you and your staff to focus on your practice while WE focus on your Hospital Appointments/Reappointments
– Let NIHC Group manage the paperwork maze for you!

Contract Negotiations
– We always attempt to negotiate reimbursement rates when applicable
– Simply contact NIHC Group with the Plan in which you would like to obtain in Network Status
– We do the rest!

Medicare and Medicaid
– NIHC Group has years of experience with both Medicare and Medicaid enrollments and re-enrollments
– We have performed these task in many states across the country
– We specialize in assisting with the re-validation process, even if we did not process the original enrolment
– Do not let your credentialing expire with these government plans!

Renewal Alerts for all expiring documents
– Our State of the Art software will automatically send you notification of any document that maybe approaching expiration; such as, Professional License, Malpractice Insurance, Vaccinations and more.

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