Location-based Marketing Approach With Geofencing


Text messaging has traditionally been a communication method instead of an advertising channel, but that is beginning to change. Geofencing marketing may be a new technology making it possible for businesses to target customers who supported their current location.

Text Messaging Is Widely Used Medium

Some location targeting is feasible by targeting consumers based on a particular area. But even that does not mean the customer is within a reasonable distance of the business when the advertisement is shipped. That is where geofencing android comes in, which creates a virtual perimeter that filters consumers supported their precise location at the time.

How Does Geofencing Software Open Source Technology Work

The evidence is pretty convincing that it works. The results aren’t quite as stellar in other niches – 60 percent for financial services and 17 percent for big-box retailers – but there was an eight percent increase overall. Meaning you would possibly not boost click-through rates by nearly 70 percent, counting on your industry, but you are likely to ascertain some increase with geofencing software open source technology.

Radius, Supply, And Demand with Geofencing Service Provider

The effectiveness of a geofencing service provider campaign is predicated on the perimeter or radius. Individual businesses do better with a smaller radius, mainly when there is a lot of competition.

Smbs Choose Geofencing Location-Based Services

Despite its promise, geofencing isn’t yet catching on within the mainstream digital marketing realm. Small to medium-sized businesses, as an example, are opting to use geofencing location based services technology primarily when its bundled alongside a digital advertising package instead of as a stand-alone initiative. That said, the value is usually a touch higher per lead or calls because they are guaranteed.

Offer Good Incentives

In some cases, the geofencing GPS tracker can even be used as a brand awareness tactic. This is where an up-sell incentive could also inherit play. It works almost like any marketing deal – give something away practically free then make a further offer that is impossible to refuse. You will make your money on the up-sell, not on the core offer.


Geofencing remains relatively new. While more businesses experiment with technology, creative marketers will come up with more innovative ways to maximize their potential for long-term benefits. If you are thinking of experimenting with geofencing for promotion, confirm you are qualifying your prospects supported supply and demand, and make an irresistible offer for the simplest results.