Eelink TK418 GPS tracker with Bluetooth is ideal for managing assets of all shapes, sizes, and values.

TK418 GPS can monitor the vehicle by GPS satellite positioning system and has many features.

Eelink , a GPS tracking device company, has released its new ASSET TRACKING WITH BLUETOOTH

The new model is called the TK418 CAT-M1/NB-IOT GPS asset tracking device. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and uses low energy power supply. TK418 GPS tracking device is usable for tracking vehicle assets, as well as controlling, and monitoring car rental fleets and as a logistics solution.  

The company representative explained, “Our new TK418 IOT Asset GPS device with BLE contains Bluetooth beacon BT01 and Bluetooth Gateway. The device features Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS that are concealed onsite or wired or mounted into high-value assets to track the location and find the Bluetooth signals nearby. Then the third-party Beacon or our Bluetooth beacon is placed on any of the lower-valued assets such as tools, stocks or pallets. Eelink TK418 IOT Asset GPS device with BLE performs the tracking and provides an informative report based on the Beacon and sends it to the GPS tracking platform you have used for monitoring.”

There are some new features on the TK418 GPS tracking device. They include a relay, for remotely cutting the engine; vehicle owners can cut off oil circuits only by sending SMS; the engine is automatically stopped, and the engine can’t start anymore. Moreover, the device is also equipped with a temperature sensor that can be used for monitoring temperature. It also provides an SOS button to be used for help and External battery (18650 Li-ion Battery x 2 4800mAh). The external battery is being used for power suppliers.

“We strive to provide the best GPS tracker solution for our customers. Our GPS tracker is a tiny device that will save your assets from theft and increase your business productivity,” said Eelink  Marketing Manager. He added Eelink  is a company that has more than sixteen years of experience and highly acclaimed GPS Tracking Device and IoT Device Manufacturers company to produce and sell GPS IOT Hardware. They are also available to develop tracker devices and software based on the client’s requirements.

NB-IOT GPS with bluetooth provides instant access to vehicles for efficiency and driver productivity. The real-time data can help a company better manage the costs related to fleet operations. GPS tracking devices allow companies to add more jobs and manage their vehicle to each workday. According to the data, companies typically see a 25% increase in work orders completed after implementing a GPS tracker for their vehicles.

About Eelink 

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd is a company that specializes in manufacturing GPS tracking devices and IoT Device. The company focused on providing OEM/ODM service and has been established since 2004. Eelink is a leading GPS tracking company from China. Its brand has been recognized by the Southeast Asia and North America market for its wide-range and versatile IoT asset tracking with Bluetooth. Eelink innovative products and solutions are developed with best industry standards to suit local as well as international markets. As the leading IoT sensors manufacturers, Eelink offers vehicle tracking and communication solutions with a wide range of products including:GPS tracking software, Cellular Asset Tracking, Motorcycle tracking, IOT Device, IOT Sensor, IOT hardware, IOT solutions, Vehicle and fleet tracking device, as well as Cargo Container tracking. For more information about Eelink  products, please visit



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