Voice Village is a studio based in South Africa that specialises in voice-over artist recordings. All voice-over artists are put to the test before Voice Village hires them. By doing this, Voice Village is ensured that all their voice-over artists have met their strict requirements and will be prefect for the Voice Village voice-over crew, which is made up of women, men and children boasting exceptional and clear voices.

What makes Voice Village stand out from the rest is their stellar service and keen eye, or should we say ear, for detail. When you hire Voice Village and any of their voice-over artists, you are guaranteed an amazing voice-over clip.

To ensure customer satisfaction time and time again, Voice Village goes above and beyond to help their customers make their voice-over clips the best version it can be. By listening to clients about what they want and implementing a way to make it better with their many useful industry tips and tricks, you are always ensured a capturing and enticing voice-over clip that will not only capture your attention, but also the attention of your target market. What more could you want?

Well, it gets better. Not only does Voice Village have their own on-site studio, but they also specialise in translating your clip into any of the official South African vernacular languages. Consider this an absolute win, as any voice-over clip that will be used in South Africa can be translated to its required language. Thereby, assisting you in ensuring more ears will hear your message, as well as be able to relate to it.

If you would like to learn more about Voice Village and the work they do, or if you would like to make use their services, visit them on their official website at: https://voicevillage.co.za/

You can also search for them on Soundcloud and listen to their samples to get an idea of the amazing work done by this agency: soundcloud.com/voice-village

About the Company:
Voice Village is an established voice-over studio based in South Africa. The company was established by Kgalalelo Khunou. Voice Village has done work for many major retail chains and has even had their voice-over clips featured on the radio. If you would like a voice-over clip made for your business, why not use Voice Village and take advantage of their stellar voice-over artists. Make the most out of your voice-over clip!

No. 1 Jackwood Colchester Park
Colchester Crescent, Parklands
Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Tel: 021 556 9787