After spending more time than usual at home this year, you’ve probably noticed some changes you would like to. How can you make this happen?

Living Design Interiors offers full-service interior design for homes and retail spaces. They specialize in designing beautiful homes, remodeling living (or work) spaces, and creating “dream” kitchens and bathrooms.

Living Design Interiors works with their clients to develop innovative design solutions based on individual choices, styles, and desires. They also offer a one-stop solution–provide the details and their team takes care of the rest.

Living Design Interiors is Green Certified

In addition to a commitment to clients, Living Design Interiors wants to help impact the environment for the better. They have been recognized by the California Green Business Network as a green business owner. Sustainable design and building practices benefit us all. Their dedication to using design principles that address Earth-friendly functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics helps reduce the carbon footprint on all remodeling projects.

Living Design Interiors believes future generations deserve to enjoy clean air and oceans. The company supports important causes like 4Oceans, the Clean Air Task Force,, Sandbag, Clean Energy Innovation Program, and Coalition for Rainforest Nations.

Committed to Staying Green

Visiting Living Design Interiors, one may immediately notice eco-friendly, non-toxic products throughout. The company prides itself in using high-quality sustainable supplies such as recycled copy paper and filtered water. The office avoids single use plastic products that may end up polluting the ocean.

They also expect the same from their vendors. They carefully choose partners dedicated to using ethical and sustainable practices and products during the design and building process.

Interested in a Green Business Certification?

Local business owners can contact owner Beppie Mostert to learn more about getting a Green Business Certification. They offer valuable resources to assist companies transform their own company’s space into one that supports the health of the environment.

About the Owner

Beppie Mostert specializes in helping families and business owners transform their interior spaces into functional, beautiful places. She combines her interior design experience with a passion for sustainability, creating healthier, non-toxic places to live and work. Beppie works with a creative, practical team that transforms interiors while being mindful of budget limitations.

As a professional artist, Beppie Mostert prides herself in seeing solutions that might not have been considered before.

Available Services

Living Design Interiors is a well-respected interior design service that can assist with residential, and retail spaces. They state a dedication to customer service, sustainable practices, and that “WOW” factor makes the indoors a lot more exciting for their clients.

How they can help:

Working with clients to design a better interior space
Recreating outdated kitchens and/or bathrooms
Making interior spaces more energy efficient and functional
Discussing design options like lighting, tiles, window treatments, and more
Providing options for unique custom furniture
Creating a work or living space to fit everyday needs

For more information, visit their website at or call at 858-243-0505.