All the way from the States, JForte’s journey began in the subways of New York where he went from homeless to a thriving talented artist.

JForte’s music is impacting people all around the world through his voice, messages and stories he shares with us. “I’m not your average lyricist. I have a story that I get to share with the world” explains JForte. “I shape into many forms but for this page, I am an artist and I love my craft!”

The multifaceted artist is a one-man streaming machine in his own right. Musically, he gestures toward the current hip-hop world and shines bright.

From the first moment we hear JForte’s music, one thing becomes very obvious… The guy has talent! There is an easy and outgoing warmth to his voice which makes his performance impeccable. His music is disarmingly wistful and totally bereft of joy, and in particular ‘Make It Happen (Boom Bap)’ which is serviceably sutured into JForte rhyme clusters delivered in a rapid-fire blur that’s almost microtonal!

Gentle synths paillasse the melody giving it that perfect balance and space to embrace JForte’s vocals and let it shine as he sets the proper mood for his tracks.

Your festival lineup or club night needs an infusion of drip? You know who to call. When a rap album needs a feature, JForte is usually your guy.

You can listen to JForte on the Spotify playlist HIDDEN GEMS. Follow the hyperlink below to connect with the artist and stay within the loop on all of his current and future projects.


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Peter Silva (Artist PR)