The pandemic has hit the economy across the world and this has in turn changed the overall search landscape. Necessity being the mother of inventions, has pushed the human race to whole new level for living with the pandemic situation. As per reports from search giant “Google”, the consumer behavior has seen a major shift from luxuries to necessities. Hygiene is now utmost concern when it comes to shopping anything from market. Food delivery niche is also seeing a major change and Railrecipe is taking a great care to resume the food delivery services in trains.

Pre COVID-19 Scenarios

The period before COVID-19 was a very merrier one as everyone celebrated the major festival of new year and festival of colors. People thronged to major locations across India and abroad to make the most of it. Ordering anything online was pretty easier as all one needed was a valid PNR for ordering of food in trains. Travelers could make informed decisions on dishes they would love to order while traveling in trains. With the on-set of pandemic, the landscape has changed a lot.

Post COVID-19 Landscape for Food Delivery in Trains

Railrecipe is now taking great care in its delivery model to cater to hygiene concerns of the travelers. Food Safety is now the first and foremost concern. A proper guideline for the restaurants has been laid down as per FSSAI standards. The human touch factor is being minimized to the level of going contactless delivery norms. Food packaging would be now a lot more different in terms of quality and hygiene. Special packaging and handling norms have been laid and would be strictly monitored for quality and hygiene concerns. What can you expect with our new delivery system post the lockdown 5.0? Here’s a quick recap on what all changes one can expect:

• Whole New Packaging Norms: To Go Contactless, the packaging has been modified with replaceable handles and napkins wrapped around. The delivery person will be carrying the food ordered in a container and there would be no direct human touch.
• Hunger Saviors or Food Delivery Executives with Proper Protective Wears: Proper temperature check and attires are being arranged for hunger saviors to ensure travelers concerns
• Promoting Cashless Modes: Railrecipe encourages everyone to pay online and avoid any sort of currency handling from anyone during this pandemic. Also, one can avail discounts on online payments while ordering food in trains. One can refrain from last minute cash rush and also touch points during such handling processes.
• Portable Hygiene Kits: Each of the food delivery kit will have a portable hygiene kit containing the hygiene essentials which would help you sanitize your hands before taking any meal. This would be a very handy one and can be used throughout the journey as well.

We all know that times are tough for every traveler and people have more of hygiene concerns. We are here with our whole new model to meet every such concern for our travelers. Railrecipe assures better services during your travel.