Having a car in dubai is not a big deal as most of the people here can buy it. However, apart from choosing the car of their choice, people need car insurance that provides protection from car damages, theft, and all other legal problems. One should have at least one car policy whether it is a third-party car insurance dubai or a comprehensive car insurance dubai.

Consequences of not having a motor insurance

If anyone doesn’t have any car insurance or even motor insurance dubai(if owns another vehicle apart from car) then it has some serious consequences as mentioned below –

Be Ready To Pay Hefty Penalty – If one gets caught driving in UAE like Sharjah without any motor insurance sharjah then he/she has to pay a huge amount as penalty. There are some cases where the license has been cancelled also.

Legal Trouble – In the event of an accident, if you will not have a legitimate third-party auto insurance policy then two lawsuits would be filled against you- criminal case (for reckless driving) and the second one to get reimbursement you will have to grant money to the deceased’s relatives. Such a scenario could wreck your financial health and trigger mental stress.

Bear the loss of your own damages
In case of damages like accident whether it is man made or due to natural calamities, one has bear the loss on his own. The comprehensive car insurance dubai policy bears the costs of repairs for such damage if a person owns one. Without insurance it is his/her responsibility to pay for the repairs.

No claim bonus in case insurance expires

Even if one has a motor insurance dubai but fails to renew it then he/she would be forfeited from the No Claim Benefit that have accrued under the policy in addition to the premiums and fees. Car insurance plans allow a discount in the premiums for the subsequent year if there is no claim in any current year. Each year, this discount increases and saves the premium outgo. If one leaves the auto insurance scheme, he/she forfeit the insurance coverage.

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