Timonium, Maryland (webnewswire) June 10, 2020 – Hartman Executive Advisors, a Maryland IT Strategy Consulting Firm, has just launched a new informational resource on incident response plans for business owners who may need assistance in properly securing their data and managing risk. The team created this article in order to help businesses who handle and rely on vast stores of sensitive data understand the different ways in which it can be lost or stolen.

In the article, the firm dives into the importance of being prepared and why having standard operating procedures in place surrounding your data security can be vital when an emergency inevitably occurs. Whether facing cybersecurity threats or a power outage, they explain how to safeguard against these and other significant risks to your data. Additionally, they also cover how they provide a full-spectrum plan that ensures you are prepared for nearly every type of scenario.

These steps are all vital for clearly identifying the different types of threats that are unique to businesses and outlining how to contain and remove issues properly. The firm details that the main focus of an incident response plan is to minimize the impact and severity of the problem while clearly outlining the reactionary process to all employees. The blog points out how important this is for keeping employees up to date and IT teams working smoothly through difficult times.

Hartman Executive Advisors have been helping businesses manage and secure their data stores for years and have seen data breaches and data loss situations that businesses commonly encounter. The firm focuses on helping businesses of all kinds refine their operating procedures and ensure the utmost safety and preparedness when it comes to businesses’ and customers’ critical data. With the knowledge and expertise of the Hartman team at your side, you can ensure you are adhering to regulations and have airtight incident response plans ready to deploy in the event of an emergency.

Hartman Executive Advisors is headquartered at 1954 Greenspring Drive, Suite 320, Timonium, MD 21093. Businesses interested in developing their own incident response plans can contact them at (410) 587-0064 or visit their website at https://hartmanadvisors.com.