Whether you are looking for Geospatially Referenced Radiological Surveys (GPS Gamma Surveys), high resolution Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping or Radiological or Chemical Air monitoring, New Order Environmental Services cater of it all. We have employed a brilliant team dedicated to providing you with best possible outcomes. Our clients range from various commercial companies to hospitals, universities to energy production and waste management companies.

New Order Environmental Services LLC provides professional Gamma GPS surveys and inspection to our clients with the help of innovative drone technology. Our professionals have successfully completed various environmental projects. We are dedicated to provide affordable prices to service your needs while maintaining highest quality standards and safety. We have designed comprehensive programs to help our clients navigate the complex process of radiological decontamination and obtain the required regulatory compliance to release the site for reuse or redevelopment.

Our combined areas of expertise are integrated in refined systems to help clients achieve successful results. We have practical experience of utilizing the instruments and deliver satisfactory results. We take pride in delivering high-quality products and services and building trust among our customers.

For Gamma GPS surveys contact New Order Environmental Services LLC. We have the right equipment for the job with skills and expertise to deliver the most challenging projects at short notice.We can design and tailor services for our clients to transform impaired sites into positive resources.