There’s a flower for every mood, every emotion and every occasion, isn’t there? And when it comes to weddings, well, there’s just a whole lot of them! The universal appeal of florals, their astounding variety and versatility and their cultural significance are some of the primary reasons why you should go floral all the way when deciding on the theme wedding decoration in Chennai. The South Indian city is known for its glorious blend of upscale resorts and luxury hotels and beautiful cottages and lawns nestled in the lap of nature. These flower-based themes from the best flower decorators in Chennai are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor locations and will add an undeniable charm to the occasion with their fresh radiance.
Paint It A Pretty Pastel
Time-tested and suited for any kind of wedding function, a pastel flower selection is inherently classy. The understated charm of soft colours blends into the white wedding aesthetic while the less-is-more ambiance they set up makes them perfect for pre-wedding celebrations as well.
Pocketful Of Sunshine
Sun-kissed with a blanket of gold, a bright and loud colour palette is all about fun and frolic! Fill your basket with the tell-tale Indian wedding blossoms- marigolds- that are entirely self-sufficient in working their magic to give you a vibrant traditional décor. Apart from these, you can also look to more classy yet contemporary favourites that will lend texture such as frilly carnations or velvety yellow roses. Such buoyant flower decoration in Chennai need only be backed by crisp white drapes for an elegant display that is equal parts fiery and flamboyant.
A Tropical Feast
Tropical wedding themes are all the rage these days and stand out for their quirky, bold and colourful embellishments. Popular as exotic blossoms like orchids are, there is a lot more to the tropical aesthetic. Incorporate showy florals such as big leaves in varied textures adorning a plain white backdrop and fill in colour with the addition of fruits and some animal and bird motifs in delightful colours.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
This wedding theme is essentially less flowers and more naked branches, entangled leafy vines that can transform your wedding venue into quaint and fanciful woodland. The fairy tale-inspired look employs creative adornments that can be easily DIYed such as mason jars and jute decorations. It can transform your garden venue into a lost magical realm. Remember to not go overboard with the artificial embellishments or disturb the natural setting.
Vintage Wonder
Dated wooden sculptures, the mellow glow of candles, scattered flower petals. Need we say more? A throwback with flowers is utterly irresistible. Incorporate florals that play right into the pre-existing natural landscape for an uninterrupted view reminiscent of the saturated hues of fall. Make use of not only light flowers but also plenty of shrubs, creepers and climbers with mossy green backdrops, floral wreaths and floral and candle arrangements that exude warmth.
Smoke And Mirror
A mystical and elegant wedding aesthetic such as this relies on the tasteful combination of textured petite blooms with cool lighting and soft and sheer backdrops comprising flimsy drapes. Catering especially to the semi-formal and stylish aura of ring ceremonies and wedding receptions, this is a theme that casts a halo-like glow on the Wedding venue in Chennai. With dainty florals like baby’s breath and wisterias and pale lighting spilling over, you can easily imagine the tranquil scene of dusk coming to life.
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