Do you often feel that managing your fleet is becoming very difficult day by day? You are unable to manage the business alone. The sudden increase in the demand for vehicles after the lockdown is lifted has compounded the problem. Padharo has launched its Fleet and booking management app to solve all these problems pre-emotively. With this app, we aim to aid the vehicle rental agencies, individual owners and to some extent travellers as well. Our Fleet and booking management app can be downloaded and installed from the play store and is absolutely free for use.

How do we facilitate vehicle owners and travellers?

Vehicle owners can manage their entire fleet and drivers digitally with the help of the Fleet and booking management app. After registering and entering all the details of the vehicles and drivers, the entire calculation and data management is done by the app. For travellers we are providing a market place for vehicles where they can search for the most suitable vehicle, compare the price, amenities and reviews of each vendor and book online easily. This entire experience should be seamless and effortless, that’s exactly what our Fleet and booking management app intends to achieve.

Our features

User-friendly platform

Fleet and booking management app have a user-friendly layout and simple functionality which makes it easy to operate and doesn’t necessarily require an expensive smartphone ( * Though the smartphone is required). Anyone can use the app with a little bit of support. All you need to do is register, add drivers, define pricing, vehicle details and that’s it. This app is the key to manage all your business digitally.

Interactive technology

Fleet and booking management app is all about interactive features like a dashboard where you can get the overview of all the transactions, Add your vehicle feature where you add every minute details of the vehicle along with pictures. Add driver feature where you can add every single detail and information about your drivers. So once you add all these details you can access all the information handy and the customer also finds it easier to book his/ her vehicle. Adding interactive technology has enabled the traveller to see the actual condition of the vehicle and know about the status of all the papers like PUC, Insurance etc. They remain assured that they will get exactly the same vehicle which they have booked from credible travel agencies.

Booking and vehicles management

The status of all the bookings in the past, running and upcoming gets displayed in this section. You can also add bookings in the my booking section. In the vehicle management section, the details of the vehicles along with pictures can be stored. This data gets reflected in calendar and dashboard making the fleet and booking management app “smart information management”.

Define your pricing and policy

You can define the pricing of every vehicle according to weekend and peak inflation in the fleet and booking management app. Define the cancellation and refund policy in the app so that the invoice is generated correctly.

Quick overview in the calendar and quick price

Calendar shows the status of the inventory and quick pricing gives the prices of the vehicles according to dates without the requirement to calculate it manually. This indeed looks like smart management in every single way. Fleet and booking management app has taken management to a new height.

Know about your customer’s expectations

The review section shows the feedback of your customers from different platforms like play store, Facebook etc. You remain informed about the expectations of your customers without having to visit every platform.

Self-learn with the pre-structured FAQ’s

You can self-learn how to use the app and about the different functionalities by following the FAQ section. Videos are also available on Youtube and our customer support team is ready to assist you.

Padharo is a marketplace for all types of vehicles ranging from Hatchback, Sedan, SUV and Bikes( both geared and non- geared ). Apart from vehicles we also cater to room stays, tour packages, tour guides, events and activities booking. Now we are providing sanitized vehicles and we are operating in across all major cities of Rajasthan. To know more about us visit our online platform.

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