FitIn Live has created a new way for you to stay fit, maintain your mental health and pay it forward to someone with fewer resources. Our “pay-it-forward pass” gives you monthly access to our fitness and mental wellness classes, brought to you by local and guest instructors. When you buy your monthly pass, we donate up to 10 passes in your name to underserved communities and their volunteers.

Toronto, Canada – FitIn Ltd is honoured to announce the first of its community partners in its Feel Good Do Good Campaign: Building Roots and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.

While fitness and wellness classes are widely available, they are only accessible to those who have the resources to pay for them, the ability to travel to and from class, and the time to dedicate to the class itself (many people have to work several jobs in order to earn a living wage).

With the onset of the pandemic lockdown and the move online, it quickly became apparent that a virtual gym environment provides the capacity to match paid memberships with donated passes and welcome in communities who have historically struggled to get their needs met.

Improved fitness and wellness makes a huge impact in a person’s life, as most people are aware. We rely on fitness classes or a wellness coach in order to deal with trauma, improve our mental health, and be powerful in our daily lives. Without these resources, many people struggle to find health, to perform at work, to build healthy relationships. This negative-feedback loop is part of what keeps people in the poverty cycle.

The campaign allows people to actively give back and help others while they also take care of themselves. With every purchase of a month pass for FitIn Live, “pay-it-forward fitness supporters” (those who buy the month passes) get unlimited access to fitness and mental health classes, AND FitIn donates up to 10 passes to underserved communities, volunteers, and front-line workers.

“I profoundly respect the work of these two incredible organizations, and couldn’t be more proud to support them in achieving their goals. We acknowledge the inherent privilege within the fitness and wellness industries, and that’s why it’s been a goal of FitIn to find ways to provide better access to fitness and mental health classes for underserved communities,” explains CEO Catherine Chan.

“On behalf of myself, FitIn, and the incredible roster of instructors who provide programming to FitIn Live: we’re so pleased to be helping to affect change on this issue. FitIn believes that we should all have access to fitness and mental wellness, and this is our way of making sure that no one gets left behind.”

It’s FitIn’s goal to give away 10,000 passes to underserved households this year.

In generating these free passes, FitIn is offering a group discount to any small- and medium-business owners who wish to support their employees coping with new and unusual work situations. By subsidizing pay-it-forward fitness passes for their employees, the investment in the literal health of their people means up to 10 more households benefit.

If you know of an organization that would be an appropriate recipient of free passes, FitIn is looking for 3-4 more partners to support with its Feel Good Do Good campaign.

About Building Roots:
Building Roots enables people to create socially cohesive communities.
We envision vibrant, resilient neighbourhoods.

While developing innovative solutions in some of the city’s lowest income neighbourhoods, we quickly learned that inadequate food systems are a by-product of greater issues in these communities: poverty, social isolation and inadequate attention by the City. Shifting our focus accordingly, we began to build resources for social cohesion and co-create targeted interventions with communities.

Contact: Dustin Stern dustin ( @ ) buildingroots dot ca

About Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada:
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada is a non-profit federation with a focus on mentoring programs for youth since 1913. The Big Brothers Big Sisters movement in Canada provides services to 41,700 youth in over 1,100 communities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies offer a range of mentoring programs to meet the needs of Canadian children and families. In the traditional one-to-one mentoring programs, one youth and one adult mentor meet twice a month for at least one year. Big Brothers Big Sisters also operates group mentoring programs for teenagers and clubs for newcomer Canadian youth.

About FitIn Live:
FitIn Live is a virtual gym, featuring fitness and wellness classes by local & guest instructors.

FitIn’s response to the Covid-19 crisis was to analyze what we would need moving forward, and quickly build an interactive community to keep Canadians active and CONNECTED to their communities while they shelter at home.

Fitness is a great way to connect with others, and we NEED to keep in touch with our community right now. Keep your heartrate up at home with FitIn Live Fitness.

It’s a tough time, and everyone is coping in their own way. FitIn Live Mental Health provides you different ways to go within, find your center and move forward powerfully.

Contact: Catherine Chan hello ( @ ) fitin dot io