The hardest part of growing up is watching our parents grow old and frail. It is an integral part of the Indian families to stay together and take care of the elderly members of the family. But it isn’t always possible or feasible when all the family members are either working or are too young to take care of them. Especially, it has become a point of distress when it comes to taking care of sick elderly patients. India Home Health Care, a partner of BAYADA Home Health Care, has a comprehensive Elder Care package, where the venerable members can be taken care with the help of quality nurses.

India Home Health Care or IHHC has been functioning since 2009 with services effectively provided in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Trivandrum. What sets IHHC apart is their commitment towards providing quality services through trained and experienced nurses. IHHC understands that it is not an easy task to take care of an elderly patient while having other responsibilities. Hence, they render extensive services under Elder Care, where the trained and certified nurses take intensive care of the patients and reducing the emotional burden of the family. Elderly patients often prefer the comfort and the safety of their own homes rather than being taken care of in an unfriendly environment.

The nurses are skilled at taking care of seniors who are:
Living with a Chronic disease
Recovering from an illness
In need of help to overcome certain day-to-day challenges
Suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia

IHHC’s comprehensive Elder Care package includes:
12 or 24-hour medical caretaker support
12 or 24-hour nursing support
Provision of certain equipment for the elderly

The nurses at IHHC are considerate of the current situation and are offering 24 hours in-house services to minimize the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus. Elderly patients require a clean environment and proper hygiene practices to ensure that they are completely safe. The nurses at IHHC are trained at the simulation lab and hence are competent and skilled in handling any kind of situations. The nurses cover a range of tasks that include,
Personal care of the patients
Assistance with day-to-day activities
Companionship and emotional support
Specialized Alzheimer’s/Dementia care
Regular Health Monitoring
Physical therapy

IHHC is a pioneer in home health care and every package is designed with the goal of providing the best of services to the ailing and the terminally ill patients.