AdPlayer.Pro, the global provider of outstream video ads solutions added support for interactive video slideshow components in the outstream ad sequence.

According to the company’s official announcement, the new feature enables creating the interactive video slideshow from still photos for instant integration into the outstream ad carousel. This new functionality is expected to:

– improve the overall video ad viewability;

– promote their audience engagement with ads;

– save time & effort, usually required for video content creation.

As Mr. Liaskovskyi, the AdPlayer.Pro CEO claimed, the newly-introduced feature is primarily aimed at expanding outstream video advertising capabilities for publishers of premium editorial content.

“Creating a viewable, interactive video slideshow featuring some of the top headlines from the website now takes a few simple steps. So does including it into the carousel ad sequence. However, the impact is exceptional, especially in the outstream context. The brand-new functionality will, undoubtedly, drive video ad viewability and average VTRs, hence enabling publishers to generate greater ad revenue from video ads”, he explained.

The new functional capabilities are already available to users of the AdPlayer.Pro video ad server and ad management platform, upon customers’ request.

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