One of the renowned jewelry manufacturing companies based in NYC known for its exceptional digital design and jewelry making services is Z. Jova. They have been in the jewelry business for the last 38 years and strive to meet the expectations of their customers by creating unique, one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Zodiac Letters™ is a concept created by Joseph Varjabedian combining letters and zodiac signs. Z.Jova is the only company designing and producing this trademarked and copyrighted concept available exclusively through our website and social media channels. Their jewelry collection includes pendants, cufflinks, charms, rings bracelets, nameplates, earrings, and special orders. Zodiac jewelry is incredibly special and for this reason, they carry zodiac jewelry like Pisces jewelry and other signs of the zodiac.

Joseph Varjabedian engineered and developed the Zodiac Letters to meet a need for artistic designs with the added value of collaborative experience with customers. For this unique experience to be available, Joseph created designs for access by customers in every configuration. This has taken three years to complete. Now, a beautiful piece of jewelry can be created virtually and then be produced in our facility in NYC and shipped directly to your door.

Z. Jova is exceptionally known for its unique and custom zodiac jewelry pieces such as Aquarius jewelry, rings, pendants, and much more. Aside from buying jewelry according to your own zodiac sign, you can gift this jewelry to someone special according to their birthstone/zodiac. Z.Jova allows you to tell stories with the zodiac letters which is a distinct way to showcase your feelings to your loved ones. Their knowledgeable designers are well experienced and trained in fabricating unique pieces to suit the needs of each customer.

You can now design your own custom pieces! Combine our beautiful fine jewelry with your heritage. Choose your metal, add your name, your zodiac, whether the requirement is for Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, etc. Make your choices and combine them in any way you’d like. This unique zodiac gift can truly reflect who you are.

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