What’s the difference between this Digital Marketing/Social Media Company over any other?

For the following 3 simple things:-

1. It is the desire of the Company to get your Small Business as quickly as possible to the top of the Search Engines

(and here are the points of difference…)

2. Then turn as much of that human traffic as possible into New Leads
3. Then to actually convert those Leads into New Customers for you.
It’s that simple.

Most people do not track what traffic they are losing and why – Sohba Digital Marketing Company does, then we close those holes.


WHAT DO I NEED>> To Get Started?

Here’s how we see it – there is an ‘On-line Sales Funnel’ that looks much like the image below. Most people who have a Website in Small Business are starting to realize that they don’t automatically get found on the Internet and need to take action to get more Customers on-line. Some have started with Search Engine Marketing and some are dabbling in Social Media but not that effectively. Our goal here is to do the following:-

Create an effective On-line Sales Funnel that works best for your Small Business

We want to have you everywhere that your Customer looks, if your Customer has a preference for Facebook then you need to be there, if others have a preference for YouTube then you need to be there.

And here’s our points of difference – we don’t just drive relevant traffic to your site BUT we also look at how to turn that Client into a lead and
Into an actual converted Customer.

Online Sales Funnel3

So here’s the FIRST STEP TO TAKE…

1) Get Advice…From Us…It’s Free!
Before you even get started – talk to Sohba Digital Marketing Agency to get some On-line Marketing Advice – it’s FREE – it costs you nothing to talk and see what your options are – just fill out the quick Contact Form below to get your obligation-free information.

2) Make a Plan

From there we make a plan. First we listen to you – what is working, what isn’t. It’s then ascertained what marketing you are doing off-line and how it can be supported on-line. We then go away and create a phenomenal marketing plan that covers One-Off Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising, New Lead Generation and Client Conversion tactics that can be implemented over a gradual spread of time at a low monthly cost that won’t kill your business in the process!

Get more information, please visit https://www.sohbadigitalmarketing.com/