[09/06/2020, Morayfield] – Spending a few hours outdoors is an excellent means of recreation for people of all ages. It provides a way to enjoy the natural surroundings and take in fresh outdoor air.

Outdoor activities keep a person physically and mentally healthy. Fresh air minimises one’s intake of artificial ventilation.

Having a well-built outdoor space adds to your home’s functionality, giving residents options in how they spend their leisure time at home. Residents in Queensland can count on Just Patios to build enclosures that allow them to enjoy the outdoors in a functional, stylish space.

The Benefits of Patio Enclosures

By installing enclosures around a patio or glass room, homeowners have more options about where they want to spend their day. They can turn the outdoor space into an extra living room, activity room or even spare bedroom.

Some homeowners use their patios only during the summer. With glass enclosures, they can enjoy the extra space throughout the year.

Enclosures also provide privacy from neighbours. Installing enclosures around a new or existing patio offers an extra layer of protection to the home while homeowners enjoy their view of the outdoors.

Patios and Enclosures by Just Patios

Just Patios offers patio glass enclosures that are installed by professionals. The enclosures can be matched with the existing design house design. The contractors consider the client’s needs, budget and preferences.

All materials are hand-selected from the country’s best systems and are backed with 15-year warranties.

About Just Patios

Just Patios is a privately owned company that has been operating since 2002. They focus on personalisation and create outdoor spaces using high quality, warranty backed products.

Their team is composed of expert contractors who take the time to custom design patios, glass enclosures and carports. All products are built based on the customer’s needs and preferences.

Just Patios holds a building licence with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. They are also members of the Queensland Government Building and Asset Services.

Visit http://www.justpatios.com.au to view their gallery of projects.