There is ample awareness today in public about a coronavirus self-declaration form that is used by individuals infected with COVID-19 to report their medical status. Whether you’re an employer or manage HR for a company, this free Coronavirus Self-Declaration Form allows members of your staff to confirm if they have coronavirus, so they can proceed to seek medical treatment and prevent further contamination in your workplace. However your Technology Solutions Company Katpro Technologies is focused on engineering cutting edge and disruptive solutions for ISVs and Enterprises.

With over 10 years in business, Katpro Technologies has developed covid self declaration app. The coronavirus self declaration app is best way to capture employee, visitor, vendor data for self-compliance during Coronavirus crisis.

Katpro Technologies has the reputation of being successful in appreciating every business nuances and excelled at engineering turnkey solutions. With the covid self declaration app employees can provide their contact details, describe their recent travel history, list people they have come into contact with, check off any symptoms they may be experiencing, and request to work from home if applicable.

Katpro Technologies are the leaders in developing technology solutions that are not industry specific, but rather are client specific collaborative engagement. They have developed this covid self declaration mobile app with Built-in healthcare intelligence. The team at Katpro Technologies believes why store piles of paper for COVID Self Declaration, when you can use their simple to use multi platform compatible app for capturing and storing Self Declaration Forms. Use this for also capturing attendance and reporting details of shift workers.

Covid Self Assessment App is available for Android, iOS, Tablets, SharePoint, Nintex, Microsoft PowerApps platforms. It is customizable and extensible as the Healthcare Bot comes with built-in healthcare AI services, including a symptom checker and medical content from known industry resources, and language understanding models that are tuned to understand medical and clinical terminology.

At Katpro you can benefit from coronavirus self declaration forms that have a completely secure and e-based through a simple android or iOS mobile app. The data is safe and secure and is hack proof, stored in secure servers. Export data when you need through a seamless and simple web interface.

Covid Self Declaration Mobile App can be used by Facility management companies, Housekeeping, cleaning and janitorial services, Manufacturing units, Field service companies and more.

About Katpro Technologies:

Katpro Technologies leading Technology Solutions Company with over 10 years in business, have one again developed technology solution that fulfils client specific collaborative engagement with Covid Self Declaration App. The self declaration app is best way to capture employee, visitor, vendor data for self-compliance during Coronavirus crisis. For more information please visit our website: