Paid Memberships Pro :

Restrict Default Content

Secure your pages, posts, blocks, and categories. You can show an excerpt, “sneak peak” or other partial content for non-members or choose to completely hide restricted content. Set a custom message to show to users or visitors when they attempt to access protected content.

Restrict Custom Post Types

Secure various additional content (forums, products, events, courses, videos, downloads and any CPT).

Restrict Single Pages

Allow members to drip feed access to a series of content according to a schedule based on their membership level start date.

Personalized Content

Offer each member a unique page for direct communication. Design custom member homepages by level and adjust navigation menus to highlight important links for each membership level.

Create Directories and Profiles

Allow users to browse and search public or members-only directories for a robust community or listings site.

Use with WordPress Multisite

Sell sites on the network or secure content across your network with a single user login.

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