Marketing and business growth are both interlinked. The latter cannot be achieved without the former. Obviously, there is a marketing team and then there are other teams that deal with various aspects of the business.

All teams need to work in tandem. An ultra-active marketing team that delivers orders but a manufacturing team that fails to capitalize on the new business will lead to disaster. Planning and coordination between teams is a must. Even the smallest of cog wheels that works out of sync will lead the whole process to a grind.

Within each team, there can be sub-teams too. For example, within Digital Media Marketing, you may have a team that deals with optimizing the website so it performs well organically in Google. You may have another team that undertakes marketing on social media. You may have a team of creative talent that produces the creatives that would be required for the marketing activity. All these teams need to work in tandem like a well-greased machine.

But what if you don’t have inhouse talent to handle aspects of your business? These days ‘lean and mean’ is the new mantra. Rather than hire staff on a permanent basis, businesses today hire only when the need arises. The other new mantra is “virtual staffing”.

Virtual staffing happens when you have a team of real people located in one part of the globe, working for a client located in another part of the globe. The work and talent are delivered electronically via the internet. Thanks to the Internet, the physical location of the team is made irrelevant. Communication is achieved via text chat and live chat. Files can be sent and received instantaneously. It is as if, the Customer Support Staff is seating right next to you in your own office.

While you cannot hire virtual talent to look after your manufacturing, you can hire virtual talent that looks after your marketing. There are websites that offer expert talent in every field. Take for instance, they can provide you with full-fledged marketing teams or customer support teams or teams to handle your sales on Amazon or eBay platforms and so forth.

Just specify what you need and they will provide experienced staff that can handle that need. You can hire entire teams and they will coordinate within themselves and appoint a supervisor who in turn, will coordinate with your liaison. This brings pre-packaged, read-to-use talent to your fingertips. A few clicks and the advantages of teamwork to grow your business are yours for the asking.

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