San Jose (US)/Dusseldorf, June 05, 2020 – Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a global data center solutions provider, today announced support of Arrcus” networking operating system (ArcOS®), a fully programmable, microservices-based, modular software solution. Arrcus is a hyperscale networking company providing software-driven solutions that power network transformation and with this release, cloud service providers, telcos, and large enterprise customers get more software choices in a commercial, carrier-grade networking platform with open integration.

Over the years, QCT has taken a revolutionary approach to deliver its bare-metal routing and switching platforms that has resulted in powering today”s generation of network infrastructures. Leveraging the route scale and fast convergence of the composable and containerized ArcOS, together with Broadcom”s highly-flexible and programmable StrataDNX™ Jericho 2 system-on-a-chip (SoC), QCT”s QuantaMesh T7040-IXAE and T7080-IXA extend the company”s growing high-density 100Gbe portfolio with 40 x 100Gbe 1RU and 80 x 100Gbe 2RU ArcOS-based platforms. These purpose-built platforms for carrier network solutions offer OEM-like performance, quality, and robustness at a fraction of the cost. They provide simpler operations, scalable performance, enhanced security, and other features (e.g., deep-buffer support) that enable operators to design, deploy, and manage their infrastructure across multiple domains in the network.

With these open router platforms providing a flexible, carrier-grade network software solution from Arrcus, operators will no longer be locked into the historically expensive closed and proprietary offerings to build, manage, and scale their networking systems. Furthermore, the ArcOS-based QCT systems with ArcIQ™ provide streaming telemetry for real-time analytics with deep visibility and security, automatically sending an alert when an unauthorized pattern is detected. To prove the interoperability of these products and solutions, the QCT QuantaMesh T7040-IXAE along with the QuantaMesh T4048-IX8A (Broadcom StrataXGS® Trident3 based and ArcOS-ready) was showcased in the EANTC 2020 multi-vendor tests held in Berlin, Germany, in early March 2020. In addition to switching and routing, the automation capabilities of ArcOS were executed as a single operating system solution across a wide array of the latest standards and technologies including SRv6, EVPN VxLAN, MPLS/Segment Routing, SDN: NETCONF/ YANG, etc.

“Data Center to edge and 5G innovations are at an all-time high and Arrcus is delivering a carrier class networking OS that is flexible, optimized to scale, and highly efficient,” said Mike Yang, Senior Vice President of Quanta Computer and President of Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT). “With our vast portfolio of compute, storage, and networking products, and common vision to move away from closed proprietary integrated systems, we are breaking barriers by providing single, unified architectures across cloud network environments that act as the ingredients to transform the networking market.”

“In today”s hyperconnected and distributed world, networking has emerged as a first-class citizen. Furthermore, massively scalable and fast convergence-based routing is creating the mainstream network fabrics that are being widely deployed. QCT has been the ideal partner given their diverse portfolio of platforms, high-volume manufacturing, and quality,” said Devesh Garg, co-founder and CEO of Arrcus. “Arrcus and QCT together offer the leading open integrated solutions by providing the best-in-class software, the most flexible consumption model, and the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers.”

QCT also offers further next generation data center networking switches with Broadcom StrataXGS® Trident 3 and Tomahawk® 3 in its QuantaMesh portfolio that support ArcOS including T7032-IX7 (32 x 100Gbe) and T9032-IX9 (32 x 400Gbe).
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