The Human Growth Foundation (HGF) announces today that Novo Nordisk is the Silver Sponsor of the HGF Virtual 5K Run & Walk for Kids’ Growth. The charitable event will be June 6-13, 2020.

HGF changed the annual race and fun walk to a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, anyone, any age, in any location, has the opportunity to help kids with rare growth disorders and stay active during these times of confinement.

“Novo Nordisk is a leading global healthcare company,” says HGF executive director Patricia Costa. “We are grateful to have their support during these challenging times.”

The sponsorship will make it possible for HGF to increase awareness of childhood growth disorders and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, the aid will allow for more training for Growth Specialists and education for Healthcare Providers, as well as more support to adults with growth disorders.

“We encourage everyone to participate in this virtual event – by doing so, you will help a child with growth disorders reach new heights,” says Costa.

“This sponsorship means more stability for these families in need of our help,” she adds.

Registration for the HGF 5K Run & Walk is $0-$15. Each registration will receive a medal shipped directly to them for their participation.

For more information about HGF’s virtual 5K Run & Walk for Kids’ Growth, please visit For information about childhood growth disorders, visit