The coronavirus crisis has impacted the SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) sectors in Europe. SMEs need to recover after the Coronavirus in Europe.

InvestEU, the EU’s proposed flagship investment program to get started kick-start the European economy. The InvestEU is well-placed to provide long-term funding and support Union policies to recover from a social and economic crisis.

The new window of the InvestEU would target specific projects and provide diffused financing, for instance, by supporting the emergence of whole ecosystems of entrepreneurs active in the targeted sectors, such as innovative SMEs working on technologies of potential relevance to industrial biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

The aim behind these targeted capital programs is not only to help small businesses but also “make existing ones more efficient.” With this mechanism, it will be possible to develop many smaller companies that are already profitable while providing them with access to larger firms like those operated directly by multinational corporations. This should boost competitiveness further without reducing revenues.

In accordance to InvestEU, World Business Council, through channel of its partners, developed, a private online investment platform that allows M&A advisors, investment firms, and corporates to grow their businesses out of their box., facilitates the communications on business Match finding, request for Residency by Investment and business acquisition negotiations on buy-side and sell-side in real-time. The Apastrof AI-Based matching algorithm guarantees relevance. Apastrof is offered as a plug-and-play SaaS solution that is easy and intuitive to use. Apastrof has grown exponentially since its launch in 2019. The platform is now active in more than eight countries, and over 1,300 firms are active on the platform. These include almost all of the top 10 regional accounting and consultancy firms. “It’s an approach that brings together the best financial planning, top Investment Banking and the best investment management,” said the CEO, Mr. Iman Najafi.

” Apastrof is the Deal Making Platform that was founded by the World Business Council in 2019 in close cooperation with M&A advisors and investment firms. The platform explored the solutions to make sourcing for potential buyers and sellers more efficient, effective and cheaper,” said Iman Najafi, CEO of World Business Council, as the main Sponsor of the platform. This platform is making the process of Valuation easier for both investors and SME owners which leads to more reliability for both sides of a deal.

Mr. Iman Najafi, has a background in Petroleum Engineering, he had his studies at Texas A&M University and is currently active in the Investment advisory field. He has extensive experience on working with energy sector companies. Currently, he is the Chairman of World Business Council.

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The World Business Council assists in economic and legal relations between European and foreign entities from Asia and the Middle East. It helps business owners by providing a framework that encourages regional cooperation to achieve sustainable growth, expand markets through innovative partnerships with local industries or develop new opportunities as they arise within their boundaries.

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