HelloDox Healthcare IT Telemedicine Platform Company for Doctors and Patients has recently launched FREE Telehealth Phone Consultation and Healthcare Support services during covid-19 circumstances through a Dedicated Toll-Free Number: 1800-102-4705 – Monday to Saturday (9:00am to 7:00pm).

“Since last few pandemic weeks, statistics shows thousands of Doctors and Patients have opted for Online Consultations. HelloDox with Over 50+ Verified Doctors are assisting Indian citizens for their routine Medical concerns immediately over a Toll-free number, promoting Social Distancing” Commented Abhijit Deogiri – Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences at HelloDox.

Call HelloDox DOCTORS at 1800-102-4705

The Citizens can further Download the HelloDox Android Mobile Application for Dedicated Online Consultations. Through HelloDox Mobile application, Doctors can easily Provide Online Consultations via Video-Audio/Text modes and efficiently provide E-Prescription to the individuals.

HelloDox Benefits:

1. Medical Health Fitness Certificate from Doctor/Hospitals post Medical checkups.
2. Get me Home Support services for stranded Indian citizens.
3. Insurance inquiries through expert customer care operations.
4. Travel Assistance – Doctors expert Travel Health guidance to the travellers.
5. Doctors can offer E-Prescriptions to Patients post successful Consultations.
6. Pharmaceutical product recommendations through Specialized Doctors advise.
7. HelloDox Partnered with several NGO’s and Healthcare E-Institutions to successfully accomplish the initiatives.
8. Tie up with Private Sector Corporates to facilitate Healthcare support to its Employees and Clients.
9. Specialized Consultations include: General Medicine, Pediatric, Gynecology, Dental, Psychological and Nutritional advices through the HelloDox Expert Panel of Doctors.

HelloDox: www.HelloDox.com – Telehealth service for Indian citizens.
To get associated with HelloDox contact Investor Relations at 1800-102-4705 and Email: contact@hellodox.com