1888PressRelease – The OFWM is an interactive e-learning program that will give Financial Advisors the resources, process and knowledge to transform individual relationships into family relationships.

Rothsay Consulting, an independent global asset management firm, licensed to carry out investment advisory and asset management services, is pleased to announce the launch of its Organization of Family Wealth Management (OFWM) to focus on family wealth which is part of a powerful strategy designed to help its Financial Advisors better serve clients’ growing multigenerational needs.

The curriculum, which is entirely digital and accessible via tablet or PC, addresses the important planning needs of clients and their entire families, including spouses, children and aging parents, and the skills to engage these family members in the planning process.
“We are on the cusp of the largest wealth transfer in history, and we recognize the need for industry-leading family-focused solutions,” said Tom Chun Ying, Head of Investment Products and Services. “The OFWM demonstrates our dedicated approach to building meaningful family relationships.”

The Firm’s most highly regarded wealth management experts, including Financial Advisors who already do this well, not only informed the content, but provide practical and tactical advice, via video messages and best practices, on how to apply the learnings in client engagements.

The Family Wealth Advisor designation, earned upon completion of the program, indicates a mastery of topics such as estate planning from the family perspective, families and philanthropy and family enterprises, as well as demonstrated ability to have effective conversations that help families understand and transition wealth from one generation to another.

“Innovative approaches such as the OFWM are part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the effectiveness of our Financial Advisors to the benefit of our clients,” said Albert Wai Lun, Head of Wealth Management, at Rothsay Consulting. “By building stronger relationships with clients and their entire families, we will lead the industry with our distinct family focus. Online advice is proliferating, but nothing can replace the value of personal advice from a highly trained professional who can ask the right questions.”

About Rothsay Consulting
Rothsay Consulting is an independent global asset management firm with offices in Hong Kong and is licensed to carry out investment advisory and asset management services. As a respected alternative asset manager in Asia we have been managing a broad range of global and specialized investment vehicles also having a focus on hedge fund related products including tailored and customized and commingled portfolios for our clients. Our clients include individual investors and companies, financial institutions, insurance companies and pension plans. We are a global team of over 50 professionals with extensive experience in the global equity and debt markets, global derivatives and structured products.