Investing with Influence Platform offers an investment approach targeting risk-adjusted financial returns as well as positive environmental and social impact.

Rothsay Consulting, an independent global asset management firm, licensed to carry out investment advisory and asset management services, is pleased to announce the launch of a new investment platform designed to help clients align their financial goals and their personal values. The Investing with Influence Platform offers clients and Financial Advisors a broad range of investment options.

The concept of integrating social and environmental Influence into investment decisions is not new, but its growing importance has led to a greater opportunity set for investors. Nearly one in eight dollars under professional management follows investment strategies that consider corporate responsibility and societal concerns.

“This is an important initiative for Rothsay Consulting,” said Albert Wai Lun, Head of Wealth Management, at Rothsay Consulting. “We hear frequently from clients and Financial Advisors about the importance of integrating sustainability themes into their investment portfolios. Now through the Investing with Influence Platform, Rothsay Consulting is able to offer our clients an action-oriented approach to combine financial returns and their personal values.”

“Our goal is to build this into a robust offering to meet our clients’ needs, regardless of their Influence priorities or what their portfolio fit might require,” said Paul Tsi-ang, Head of Investment Strategy & Client Solutions at Rothsay Consulting. “We are in a unique position to extend the reach of an ‘investing with Influence’ program to one of the largest sets of investors in the world. Even a fraction of this total represents a substantial amount that could be invested in support of the common good.”

“At Rothsay Consulting sustainability is at the core of our business and now, with the launch of the Investing with Influence Platform, we are able to help our wealth management clients align their investments with their desire to positively Influence their communities,” commented Steven Sze Yuen, Head of Global Sustainable Finance at Rothsay Consulting. “We believe investments targeting positive environmental and social Influence should be available to all investors from individuals to large scale institutions, and we look forward to continuing to broaden the reach.”

About Rothsay Consulting
Rothsay Consulting is an independent global asset management firm with offices in Hong Kong and is licensed to carry out investment advisory and asset management services. As a respected alternative asset manager in Asia we have been managing a broad range of global and specialized investment vehicles also having a focus on hedge fund related products including tailored and customized and commingled portfolios for our clients. Our clients include individual investors and companies, financial institutions, insurance companies and pension plans. We are a global team of over 50 professionals with extensive experience in the global equity and debt markets, global derivatives and structured products.