Allen W. Bodiford offers free online consultations for Divorce and automotive accident cases.

Allen W Bodiford: Attorney at Law, a member of The National Trial Lawyers, offers a free electronic consultation. This service supports the need for a professional divorce lawyer. Someone who divorces often becomes a victim of the unfair agreement. They also don’t know what to do. As a result, they only accept the unfair decision without knowing anything. It is the same case with the victims of automotive accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases. Those victims need a professional attorney and lawyer to get their rights back.

Allen W. Bodiford explained, “Divorce is a complicated problem. It is not only breaking the marriage. The couples have to deal with legacy, custody rights, and many more. The case is even more complicated if they are involved in a criminal case, such as domestic violence. Our firm tries to understand the feelings of the victims. We want to help them to get the rights back. At least, the agreement treats them fairly.” An automotive accident is another complicated common case. The victims have to deal with their injuries and other losses. The problem becomes a serious case if someone dies due to another person or entity. In this case, the victims can bring the case into a wrongful death lawsuit.

Allen W. Bodiford added, “Our firm tries to help people who are involved in automotive accidents. The process in the court is complicated. They need to consult with the expert, which is also one of the reasons we decided to open a free consultation. It is an opportunity for people to talk about their cases with a professional personal injury attorney.” The consultation service gives guidelines and advice for the victims to know what they should do during the court process. Allen tries to use technology to maximize his services to clients. Clients can send their cases via email or explain it via phone or teleconference. Allen will analyze and give some advice to them. The service makes the process faster, easier, and efficient.

The personal injury lawyer and its client don’t have to meet each other face to face. They can discuss it anytime and anywhere with the help of the internet and other technologies. Allen explained, “We think that it is a good opportunity for a personal injury lawyer or any lawyers to use their skills and knowledge to help others. Technology supports us a lot and develops this industry significantly.”

About Allen W. Bodiford:

Allen W. Bodiford is a member of The National Trial Lawyers. He also practices Civil Plaintiff Law in the state of Georgia. Now, he is ready to help people who face Divorce and automotive accident cases.

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