A&H Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. explain the importance of the spring AC maintenance plan. It helps to welcome summer weather.

A&H Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, one of the reputable air conditioner repair companies in Stockbridge, wants to educate people on doing a spring check up on their air conditioners. Regular checkups are important to make sure that the equipment works properly and maximally. Moreover, this activity can keep the performance and quality of the Air Conditioner. As a result, users can use the device in the long term period.

Andy Castels, the CEO of A&H Heating and Air Conditioning, explained, “AC users often forget about the importance of regular maintenance. They don’t realize that there may be something wrong inside the air conditioning system. When they finally know about the problems, it seems too late to repair. In the end, they have to spend extra money to buy a new Air Conditioner. The worse thing is that they can’t use the device immediately.” The main reason to have a spring checkup is to check the important parts, such as filters, evaporator coils, and fins. Users have to maintain and clean those parts constantly. They are hard to maintain without any experience, knowledge, or skills, which puts them at risk to be damaged by users.

The CEO of the company described, “We want to help AC users to maintain and clean the crucial parts. This activity gives a lot of benefits. The main benefit is that the Air Conditioner produces fresh and cool air along with normal energy consumption. It also gives a significant impact on the monthly electricity bill.” A small problem, such as dirt, may trigger a serious effect on the Air Conditioner. Dirt on the filters cause clogging, eventually blocking the normal airflow. In this case, users can’t feel the cool air that’s expected. As a result, they have to pay a higher electricity bill than before.

The CEO also clarified, “Don’t underestimate a speck of small dirt on the Air Conditioner. Users may spend a lot of money because of that small object. Regular support is one of the solutions to reduce the risks. They can use their Air Conditioner longer than the actual performance age.” One of the important reasons for routine checkups is also to find out if there is a problem with the unit. The AC repair team can help to handle and repair the problem before there is damage. It significantly reduces the maintenance and repair costs. Users are ready to welcome summer weather. They only have to turn on the AC and make their house comfortable.

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