Having a clean and crystalline pool is only possible with the Pentair superflo pump. Understand why the equipment is essential for the operation of the pool and how to choose between models and powers.

What are the pump’s functions in a pool?

After the construction of the pool tank, it is time to choose accessories and equipment necessary for the leisure area. Some can be optional, such as the heating installation, for example. Others are essential for the operation of the pool.

Among the essential items is the Pentair variable speed pump, also known as a motor pump. The equipment is responsible for the filtration process to be carried out, which guarantees the quality of the water and leaves it crystalline for the bath.

Understanding the function of the pump:

For some professionals in the field, the pump is the heart of the pool. This is not for nothing since the equipment is responsible for propelling the water and making it circulate. This enables the filtering process, which eliminates all impurities in the pool, such as leaves, insects, soil, etc.

The pump is also essential for carrying out the water treatment because the movement also contributes to the chemicals spreading evenly.

The pump is still used for the operation of electric or solar water heating, as well as for the use of the waterfall.

Discover the types of pool pump:

In specialized stores, you can find different types of variable speed pump for swimming pools. However, these are two models most indicated by professionals in the field:

In specialized stores you can find different types of pumps for swimming pools. However, these are two models most indicated by professionals in the field:

Self-priming centrifuge: Its ease of adaptation makes it the most used. Highlighted in domestic swimming pools, this model aspires the water towards the filter and then makes it return free of impurities to the pool.

Variable speed: With a slightly higher price, this type of pump adjusts to its operating speed as needed. In addition to producing less noise, it also helps in saving energy, since the slow movement of water requires less consumption.

The powerful model is not always the most suitable:

As pump companies explain, the most powerful model is not always best suited for the pool. On the contrary, it can represent more consumption and even cause damage, mainly to the filter, which may not be able to flow the volume of water moved.

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