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The PE exam is a difficult exam and requires a lot of studying, but it is difficult to clear the exam just by studying on your own. You require the ultimate study guide for PE Power from Study for FE.

You can trust Study For FE to provide perfect material to Study for PE Power Exam. Students find the book and guidelines very helpful to assist them in clearing the exam successfully. provides a Study Guide with more than 400+ solved problems, full length exam practice papers, on-demand exam preparation course which is immensely helpful to the aspirants.

Are you worried that you are focusing on the incomplete material? Then learn the key skills and concepts from each of the topics covered in the PE exam through the detailed diagrams and explanations at Study for FE. Do you need more exam practice? Practice each skill with over 100 practice exam problems, with step by step solutions.

The Power PE guide books are really worth more than gold. These books helped many students and they are excellent sources for electrical engineering PE review. The guide is well organized and easy to follow along. Most topics are straight to the point and Wasim Asghar gives you what you need to pass the exam. He is very responsive to questions and emails. You will never have any issues with him clarifying material.

One of the many customers while highly recommending the book says, This is a MUST HAVE book for FE candidates in EE, especially if you have been out of school for a while.

Study for Fe provides 5 Test-Taking Tips For Your PE Exam:

Start Early. Register for the electrician license exam and start studying.
Learn The Code. The National Electrical Code is not always easy to understand.
Save Time.
Learn The Technology.
Keep Your Cool.
About Study for FE: offers valuable resources for FE Electrical and Computer Engineer exam developed by Wasim Asghar, who is the author and Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas (PE), Florida (PE) and Ontario (P. Eng). The author passed both exams in first attempts and the lessons learned during FE exam preparation encouraged him to develop these resources which are designed to help aspiring examinees better prepare for the latest CBT format of FE Electrical and Computer Engineering exam.

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