In order to maximise the protection of all the residential as well as commercial sites first checking point is to secure the entry and exit points of the premises. The entry and exit points of the premises can be secured by installation of access control devices that are available with or without biometric features. It restricts the un authorised access to the premises. Moreover, it records the time of entry and exit also.

The other device that can be used solely or simultaneously with access control devices is the installation of CCTV cameras. Many CCTVs are having feature of integration with fire alarm systems to assist in evaluating, recording and investigating safety concerns. The CCTVs are not only useful at entry and exit points, moreover, in order to have watch on staff these cameras can also be installed inside the working places where labour and other staff members are working. The connectivity of CCTVs with Wifi etc ensures the tracking from distant places as well.

The advantage of access control devices and CCTVs can only be taken if network cabling and wiring orange county by ALH Securities has been done. At ALH securities the services of licensed Newport locksmith can also be obtained. All the technicians at ALH Locksmith have been professionally trained to install and pair the surveillance system to work in tandem with the security systems to maximise the protection. It is pertinent to mention that if the network cabling and wiring orange county has not properly done then the features of surveillance systems cannot be used to full extent and may lead to failure of surveillance system and that leads to compromise in protection and safety of premises.

The wide range of products at ALH Securities includes both residential as well as commercial usage products, some of these products are high security commercial locks, panic doors, exit devices, magnets and buzzers, high security safes, biometric locking system, keypad locks, mortise cylinders etc. The hardware, installation and maintenance will be done by expert Newport Locksmith of ALH Security. The ALH locksmiths are also experts in changing locks, re-key locks or making additional keys for existing locks. For more details, visit: