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Have you ever thought how important data entry is for your company?

A crucial task for the progress of the business, data entry is required in records, database, forms, and documents, regardless of the type of business you are running. However, doing it manually is very time consuming, not to mention that it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the data. So, outsourcing these services is always a better option. Data Entry India is such a company that offers data entry services.

Services offered by Data Entry India

Important services provided by Data Entry India are:

Data Entry Services: Data Entry India processes clerical data through outsourced data entry operators and provides speed typing and controlled data processing services. The services include:

  1. Online data entry
  2. Offline data entry
  3. PDF data entry
  4. Cart data entry
  5. Image data entry
  6. Excel data entry
  7. MS Access data entry
  8. XML data entry

Data Processing Services: The Company takes data processing services seriously and aims to offer services at a reasonable cost. The services are:

  1. Word processing services
  2. Image processing services
  3. Forms processing services
  4. Claim processing services
  5. Survey data processing services

Data Conversion Services: Any kind of document requires mandatory database optimisation and preservation. It is the ultimate solution for companies that are dwelling with the tasks of updating their files and modernising their resources. The services include:

  1. OCR data conversion
  2. Microfiche data conversion
  3. XML data conversion
  4. Document conversion

Data Cleansing Services: It is important to cleanse up your consumer database. Data Entry India assists the companies with its data cleansing services such as:

  1. Data scrubbing
  2. Data standardization
  3. Data alignment
  4. Email validation
  5. Mailing list cleanup
  6. Data de-duplication

Data Mining Services: Data mining is a vital part of business growth. Data is mined for various reasons. On the internet, it is often difficult to find information using simple search queries due to the unstructured data. Data mining helps in solving this problem. Services include:

  1. Cart data mining
  2. Stock market data mining
  3. Web data mining
  4. Healthcare data mining
  5. E-book data mining

To know more about the services provided by Data Entry India, visit their official website:

About Data Entry India

Data Entry India is an established offshore company in India that delivers offshore data entry services to clients all over the world. The company serves customers coming from start-ups as well as large enterprises that need professional data entry works. The services of Data Entry India are provided in several industries such as real estate, eCommerce, insurance, transport, publication, mortgage, manufacturing, human resource, medical, marketing, legal, education, finance and more.

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