While meeting a guy, three factors are taken into the topmost priority for judging him. Three factors are hairstyle, a firm handshake, and his footwear.
Maybe a person wears shoes at his feet, but that is the first thing that grabs the attention.
Whether its a first date or a job interview, your looks must be the first thing that impresses them. Confidence must be your makeup and confidence comes with your attire.

The black leather oxford shoes

For a perfect shoe collection, this must be the first choice for your shoe closet. You cant get suite up without these pairs of shoes. It gets its slinky fit and classic look from its lacing system. Perfect for a date, interview, and prom nights.

Brown leather brogue

An elegant almond-shaped British classic shoes that go well all kinds of clothes. But it can disturb the testosterone level when wore jeans and a solid light-colored shirt.
Tan can be the finest choice but for a more discreet look go for dark brown.

Leather loafers

It’s one of those shoes from the late 1900s also known as penny loafers. The perfectly cut diamond-shaped, it survived almost unchanged for long. Usually soft suede is used and is a versatile option.

Training shoes

It is used mostly by the fitness freak people for gym purpose and running shoes and not for styling purposes.
It can be used for traveling shoes as well with bold colors. These shoes are a simple design with the highest comfortable sole.
Suits great with denim or track pants with a black T-shirt, add charm to daily look.

Leather lace-up boots

Shoes inspired by farmers, soldiers, and types of the laborer. These can withstand anything thrown at them such as stone, pebbles, oil spills. They are robust and best for rough and tough use. Be sure your legs are soft else they are gonna hurt you.

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