Several small business owners are now being helped to gain new skills and experience through an innovative business model called Project Impact, developed by the Young Entrepreneurs Club of

“If you can spot a struggling small business before it crashes, you can help them quickly with the right skillset,” says Engr. Winston C Ikekeonwu, director of the Young Entrepreneurs Club of

Engr Ikekeonwu says that while the benefits of saving small businesses may not be immediately obvious, their impact can be far-reaching.

“Everybody knows small businesses are the largest employers of labour worldwide, but not many people consider that a healthy business can spill over into a healthy home,” explains
Engr. Ikekeonwu. “Even as the world celebrates the Global Day for Parents, we need to tackle the growing issue of financial stress plaguing small business owners. Remember business owners are either parents or future parents. If all they know about money is never having enough, they’ll tend to pass on harmful financial attitudes to the next generation.”

The Young Entrepreneurs Club’s new business model “Project Impact” emphasizes the need for small business owners to take steps to grow their business legally and ethically, rather than barely surviving to pay bills. Project Impact uses a step-by-step process to help businesses increase their cash flow and profits.

Ikekeonwu says: “A lot of potential is wasted if a business exists only to pay bills. With more post COVID-19 regulations on businesses coming up, every serious business needs to grow their cash flow. And there are practical steps to make that happen; it won’t happen by accident.”

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The Young Entrepreneurs Club of AlignAcademy helps organizations grow by connecting them with the resources they need to fulfill their true mission.

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