Lazulite Technology Services designed and manufactured Corona Disinfectant Spray Tunnel Walkthrough in UAE. This decontamination and sanitization Gateway is ideal for construction sites, shopping malls, staff accommodations, or any other public place where disinfecting people is mandatory.

Designed and manufactured in Dubai as per the UAE standards, decontamination and sanitization tunnel provides a perfect versatile solution. The disinfectants used are safe and in compliance with Dubai Municipality’s prescribed standards. Director Mr. Irfan Jabbar says, “This sanitization tunnel is a small initiative at every public place where it can prevent the fast spreading of the virus”

Corona Disinfectant Spray Tunnel is a fully automatic machine and works in a simple mechanism using sensors and sprayers; it is a tunnel type attractive design in which two sides are enclosed and the other two sides are open for entry and exit purposes. When human enters in the tunnel or machine the sensors which are placed in the tunnel senses human body and the circuit gets activated and the whole system activates all sprayers and starting to spray towards the human body and it will automatically stop when the human exit the tunnel.