This press release promotes the expert team at ERS Medical, Inc. – a company that offers supreme maintenance and repair for medical equipment.

Biomedical devices are expensive. When they require expert care and maintenance, that can be expensive, too (unless you contract with a great company like ERS Medical, Inc.). Well-maintained, properly functioning medical equipment is important for the healthcare typically provided by hospitals, clinics, and even in homes. Yes, the industry concern is the proper maintenance and repair of biomedical equipment.

With over 20 years of experience in the biomedical industry, the expert team of professionals at ERS Medical, Inc. as invested time and effort in becoming the top in the field thanks to the team of field service engineers, administrative staff, and managers. Many of whom have experience in the US Army have present prestigious degrees in engineer and business administration. From nursing homes to hospitals, biomedical equipment is essential. The best way to prevent the breakdown of such equipment is to consult a firm that deals with x-ray and imaging equipment maintenance in Fresno.

Here is a list of the various types of services we proudly offer:
• Patient Monitors Repair & Maintenance
• Infusion Pumps Repair & Maintenance
• Defibrillators Repair & Maintenance
• Anesthesia Machine Repair Technicians
• Ultrasound Equipment Repair & Maintenance
• X-Ray Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Our professional team offers services that fall in line with your facility budget. Our goal at ERS Medical is to keep clients happy, from installation to repair and maintenance.We send our engineers to take on any repair project, big or small. If you need anesthesia machine repair in Fresno, for example, we are the team to call.

The difference between a layman, an amateur, and an expert can be identified in one word: experience. Our certified biomedical equipment technicians understand how medical machines work. They know why they’ve been designed the way they are and how they function inside and out. Don’t you want an expert servicing the equipment that keeps people alive and well? Unlike a broken blender, this equipment takes a little more than a screwdriver and elbow grease. It takes expertise, finesse, and experience.

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