January 16, 2020: YetiShare is proud to announce the launch of a new edition of its popular file-hosting script. Version 4.5.5 provides support for PHP 7.4, and several minor bug fixes and improvements. There are no database changes in this release, so upgrading should be a quick and simple process.

What is YetiShare?

YetiShare lets you launch a file-hosting website without having to code it from scratch or use complicated content management systems with a multitude of plugins. It’s an easy way to create a customized platform that you can even earn money from thanks to integrated support for payment gateways like PayPal. For example, you might offer free speed-capped downloads, but ask for a premium subscription package for those who want to enjoy unlimited downloads. There are no limits on large files either, and speed and amount of time left are provided for the convenience of your users. YetiShare also provides full support for download managers, which is ideal for those with slower connections.

YetiShare provides excellent functionality on all kinds of devices. The included default ‘Flow’ theme is fully responsive – even the administration area. The interface scales automatically to ensure an optimal experience on mobile devices and desktops alike. It’s also scalable and secure, and it comes with the full source code, which more advanced users can use to customize the platform yet further. It also provides out-of-the-box support for dozens of online payment platforms, and there’s a feature-rich admin area for letting you customize your file-hosting website, learn more about your users, and configure account settings.

If you’re looking for a scalable solution for building a file-hosting site, you won’t find an easier one than YetiShare. It’s all programmed in open-source HTML5, so there’s no dated or obsolete technology like Flash to worry about. Try it out today by visiting https://yetishare.com.