Cyclonis is proud to announce the launch of version of its popular password management software. This new update, available for both Windows and macOS, provides several minor bug fixes and improvements to help you boost your productivity without compromising on the security of your data. Download it now at

Why use Cyclonis Password Manager?

One problem that virtually every web user has experienced is forgetting a password and then having to go through a lengthy process to reset it. Now that many people access their online accounts via multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets, things are even more complicated. Normally, you have to log in on each one.

With Cyclonis Password Manager, you can store all your login credentials in one place and have them automatically synchronized across all devices. That way, you’ll only ever need to log in once. When you start using a new device for the first time, all you need to do is install Cyclonis Password Manager, enter your master password, and you’ll be able to log in quickly on any website you’ve logged in on before. Of course, to keep your sensitive data protected, your password vault is secured beneath 256-bit encryption.

Cyclonis Password Manager can also automatically populate online forms, so you can complete them in just a few clicks. Need to enter your address on an online store you’re using for the first time? No problem; just choose from the list of prepopulated form options that appear in your browser.

In fact, Cyclonis Password Manager can help you take your online security a step higher, since you will be able to use different passwords for every online account you use without having to remember them all. It’s a powerful single sign-on solution that integrates with all the popular browsers – Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. There’s even a password generator includes that lets you create uncrackable passwords with just one click.