Led Top Post area Lights Fixture Function:
Led post top garden lights have gradually developed into urban streets, people’s parks, tourist attractions, private gardens, residential quarters, private corridors, etc., which provide certain protection for the personal and property safety of people at night.

How to clean LED Circular Area Light:

Because the led circular area garden lighting are installed outdoors. Please pay attention to dust protection of led post top lights, You can use a rag to stain the water and then wipe it in the same direction. Don’t force it back and forth, the strength should be moderate, in order to avoid damage to the garden pole lights.

When cleaning the interior of the yard light, first ensure that the light source is off.✅led post top light maintenance:

When using the led post top light, do not switch the power switch frequently, which not only saves power, but also effectively reduces the loss of the garden light and prolongs the service life.

Application: City expressway; trunk road,factories,schools,garden,parking lots,pubic parks etc.

Client feedback:

Our shool’s top Pole Lights are very old. They are rusty. Very ugly. I have been looking for top Pole Lights. I have seen Led Post top Pole Lights on other websites. Many top Pole Lights have more than $300. Very expensive.I am very happy to find this Led Post top Pole Lights in bbier lighting company. Cheap price. I was very surprised when I received the Led Post top Pole Lights package. This Led Post top Pole Lights is very big. The quality is very good. The whole Led Post top Pole Lights are all iron. Very heavy. Then I installed this Led Post top Pole Lights and it took me half an hour. Installation is very easy. Then the Led Post top Pole Lights base just fits the lamppost in my house. The design is very perfect.I also took a few photos. This Led Post top Pole Lights is installed next to my driveway. It lights up very bright at night. Then the light is designed to look down. It won’t be glaring. Very satisfied.